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1. Type

Online sales by a commercial company to non-professional consumers are regulated by Legislative Decree Sept. 6, 2005, no. 206 (Consumer Code). It falls precisely among “distance sales,” which are dealt with in Articles 45 to 68, and for which there is specifically a right of withdrawal without having to give reasons within 5 days of receipt of the goods. The special protection provided by the Consumer Code, however, does not apply to professional buyers, that is, those who are VAT-registered.

2. Spatial scope

LE COLONNE s.r.l accepts orders from any territory Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa.

3. Product information
The displayed product availability wording is purely indicative given the possibility of multiple purchases at the same instant by multiple users. For this reason LE COLONNE s.r.l reserves the right, once the order is received, to check the availability of the goods and, failing that, to promptly notify the customer by email and possibly the non-acceptance of the order if there are problems or delays in supply.
Problems in supply may also occur for various reasons, so additional delays may occur. No responsibility can be attributed to LE COLONNE s.r.l.

4. Shipping costs
For orders whose total amount is less than € 3,000.00, a flat fee is required for packaging, shipping and transportation costs. For orders of €5,000.00 or more, shipping will be free of charge.

5. Methods of payment
Payments can be made by bank transfer, payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or prepaid credit card.

5.1 Bank Transfer – For payment by bank transfer, once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary references to make the payment. We will make the shipment as soon as we actually receive the transfer of the amount to our bank account in the name on Unicredit Bank. Normally said transfer time is variable and depends on which bank you make the transfer and may range from 2 to 5 business days.

5.3 Credit or prepaid card – Payment by credit or prepaid card, is made through secure connection with the service of UNICREDIT BANK. Only data necessary for order processing will be disclosed to our company, but not sensitive credit card data.

6. Shipping and delivery time
Products are usually shipped within seven days after payment is made.
Since they are all handcrafted products made by hand, delivery time may increase based on demand. Therefore, in case of any delay from the scheduled time or difficulty in procurement, we will promptly inform the customer who may decide to cancel the order and ask for a full refund. Shipping, is done by express courier.
Estimated delivery time is an average of two to three working days following shipment within national borders (excluding minor islands and inconvenient areas) for international shipments, estimated delivery time is an average of fifteen days. During this time the route and status of the shipment (tracking) can be followed via the Internet.

7. Shipping and delivery methods
Goods travel at the consignee’s risk for any event that is not the responsibility of the seller or carrier. The latter is its custodian until delivery. Therefore, it is important that if the package is externally damaged, the recipient accepts it subject to verification by having the visible damage noted on the receipt. To facilitate delivery, the customer is requested, when ordering, to provide a telephone number (contact tel.) with which they can communicate in case of difficulty or non-delivery. This number will in no way be used for commercial communications and promotions or disclosed to parties other than the delivery carrier. If the package is returned back for reasons not attributable to LE COLONNE s.r.l (absent recipient, wrong shipping address given at the time of purchase if the package is tampered with) and the customer requests the redelivery of the same will be charged the cost of new shipment and the costs of returning the package to the sender. In cases where the shipment is in storage and the customer is urged, either directly by LE COLONNE s.r.l or by the courier itself, to make contact for a new delivery (at the telephone number of the area office that will be provided) and within two days does not make contact with the courier, it will be our responsibility to request the return of the package to the sender, reserving the right to charge the shipping costs to the customer.

8. Warranty
The seller warrants that the products conform to the description, that they are suitable for their intended use, and that there are no manufacturing defects. The warranty is carried out in the manner and form provided by the Consumer Code for goods purchased by non-professional consumers; by the Civil Code for sales with VAT.

9. Receiving the order
Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by LE COLONNE s.r.l by e-mail response, sent to the e-mail address communicated by the customer. This confirmation message will re-present all the data entered by the customer, who undertakes to verify their correctness and promptly notify any corrections. Then LE COLONNE s.r.l ,checked the availability of the good(s) and the accuracy of the customer’s data, will send by e-mail the acceptance of the contract. The contract entered into between the customer and LE COLONNE s.r.l is to be considered concluded only after LE COLONNE s.r.l sends the e-mail of acceptance of the contract By placing the order on the site of www.lecolonnetaormina.com, the customer declares that he/she has read the conditions of sale, the proposed payment methods and the entire purchase procedure. With express reference to art. 3 and 4 dlgs 185/89 the customer will receive by e-mail all the necessary information for the identification of the seller that the customer must keep together with the email of acceptance of the contract.

10. Purchase invoice
For each order placed LE COLONNE s.r.l issues an invoice for the material shipped and sends it by e-mail to the order holder ex art. 14 DPR 445/00 and dl 52/2004. The data provided by the customer when ordering will be included in the invoice. No changes will be possible after the invoice itself is issued.

11. Returns
L’acquirente privato che acquista un bene online, o comunque a distanza, e quindi senza la possibilità di vedere direttamente e in anticipo l’oggetto acquistato, ha il diritto di restituirlo entro dieci giorni dalla consegna, senza alcun obbligo di motivazione, e di ottenere il rimborso dell’importo pagato senza alcuna penale. Reimbursement may be made either by non-transferable bank check or by bank transfer. The buyer will remain responsible for the costs necessary for the return. The intention to use the right of withdrawal should be communicated, within 10 days of receipt of the package, by email to gioielli@lecolonnetaormina.com. Upon receipt of the confirmation and related instructions from LE COLONNE s.r.l, the customer must return the product at his own expense absolutely unused and in the original packaging perfectly intact. A prerequisite for the recognition of withdrawal is the full and total integrity of the product, so it will be the care and interest of the sender to pack it in such a way as to avoid possible damage and deterioration during transport. For this purpose it is advisable to follow the instructions that will be provided when necessary by LE COLONNE s.r.l. The shipping address is: Corso Umberto 164, 98039 Taormina we will not accept COD shipments and if this happens we will send the package back to the sender.

12. Jurisdiction
In the event of a dispute, the competent court, where not otherwise provided by the Consumer Code, is that of MESSINA